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Mirror TVs for Hotels

Hotel TVs and professional displays have already become an essential and common element in both hotel rooms and public areas. The design of the hotel room creates the first impression of the hotel and affects the quality of people's rest. Each modern hotel room, recreation area, and hall is equipped with a TV.

Glass TV – Aesthetic Minimalism & The Future Design Concept

No matter which trends are coming and passing by in the design fashion but there is always place for simple and eternal materials like glass. It seems like glass surfaces, structures and elements will be widely used in interiors now and in the future.

As a TV manufacturer, we’d like to make a focus in this article on Glass TVs and it’s benefits when installed in a living room, bathroom or any other room.

TV in Mirror – DIY. How to Make a Tailor-Made Mirror TV?

There are many scenario and projects when people want to put a TV behind a mirror. And in many cases the mirror is big and customized to fit the exact placement. In this article we will talk about 2 possible options and consider PROS and CONS of both.

1. Put a regular TV behind a semi-transparent mirror. Actually, it’s the first idea that comes to one’s mind most often. And it’s possible to make that installation, here below the issues to be considered:

Don’t Let a TV ruin Your Kitchen Design

Kitchen is a soul and gathering place of many hospitable families and no doubt that we want this place to be good looking, comfortable and convenient. When one start thinking of kitchen renovation – it’s common to start with cabinets layout and general room design project. But people often forget to consider a TV installation place, though most of us has a TV in kitchen.

The result is far from harmonious design of the room:

Watching TV from the Hottub

Are you a big fan of TV shows, football matches, or fashion TV? Do you wish not to interrupt watching your favourite films or celebrity talk shows when taking a hottub or visiting a Spa? With AVEL waterproof TV for pool and bathrooms, you can bring the comfort and enjoyment of traditional relaxation procedures to a new level. Just imagine spending an enjoyable day in the Spa with Jacuzzi and at the same time enjoying the TV content you like!

In-wall Recessed TV Installation and How to Hide TV Wires

Following real demands of our clients and customers we at AVEL keep developing in-wall TV series dedicated not only for Bathrooms but also for Living rooms and Bedrooms. The greatest and unique benefit of our In-Wall series is completely recessed installation. All you have after the setup is done – is a plain glass or mirror on the wall. No wires, no gaps to gather dust.

How to hide Your TV?

There are many interiors and places that looks great and have its own sophisticated design concept. And there are other rooms (like bedroom) where people don’t want a TV to be visible all the time. Regular TV will be a black ugly spot, no matter which location it is installed. In this article we will talk about the ways to hide a TV and solutions available in the market.