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In-wall Recessed TV Installation and How to Hide TV Wires

Following real demands of our clients and customers we at AVEL keep developing in-wall TV series dedicated not only for Bathrooms but also for Living rooms and Bedrooms. The greatest and unique benefit of our In-Wall series is completely recessed installation. All you have after the setup is done – is a plain glass or mirror on the wall. No wires, no gaps to gather dust.

How to hide Your TV?

There are many interiors and places that looks great and have its own sophisticated design concept. And there are other rooms (like bedroom) where people don’t want a TV to be visible all the time. Regular TV will be a black ugly spot, no matter which location it is installed. In this article we will talk about the ways to hide a TV and solutions available in the market.

Worldwide Digital TV Standard

Different countries still have different TV standards due to historical, technical and/or other reasons. It’s very important to know Your country’s standard before you order a TV to make sure it will work correctly. In most of the cases there is no way to change the standard since the digital TV boards are commonly compatible with a single standard. That is why we strongly recommend to check and specify the TV standard required when you order a TV online from abroad.

What You Need to Consider When Selecting a Bathroom TV

Is putting a TV in the bathroom a sign of rich life and prestige? Not anymore! Even an ordinary person like you and me can get a fantastic TV for bathroom use for a reasonable sum of money, with a decent set of parameters and impressive usability. But is any TV suitable for bathroom, and can any bathroom host a TV set? Let’s get the matter straight and find out what you should consider before making the purchase and starting the installation.

Vibration speakers – what is this and how do we make it in our Bathroom TVs?

See for yourself how we use modern technology to simplify our production and to improve how your TV will look like with the best sound accompaniment.

We are glad to share with our 2017 Bathroom television series update – we have changed small regular speakers of our FS series (integrated speakers series) to new vibration speakers that can work through the glass. Another magic of our TVs became real with this amazing technical solution!