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As a factory, we are focused on production and development of our products.
Our priority is not just to sell direct to consumers, but to have a good partner in each country to able to provide an excellent level of local service and support for each customer and each AVEL product.

Our dealers and distributors today are professional companies engaged in AV industry, hotel & SPA projects, kitchen furniture & appliances production and distribution, retail chain distribution, specialized online stores.

To check if your market (country) is free for distribution currently and if you qualify for our reseller program please complete our short form below or write to us:
All reseller inquiries are manually verified and are usually processed within 1-3 business days.

To talk by phone directly please call us on +86 (186) 6666 0854 (English, Chinese, UTC +08:00)
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WeMoove company in France (Paris) was established by Christophe Chancenest for distribution of new products, technology and ideas in AV and Mobile Electronics markets. We met Christophe first in HongKong fair in 2015 and he was very interested in our Mirror TVs and Magic Mirror technology in general. Inspired by an idea of vanishing screen and beautiful mirror instead of "big black spot" effect with standard consumer TVs Christophe started his marketing and promotion activities immediately. The first big order came in 2016 and consisted of 200 TVs. In 2017 we signed and Exclusive Distribution Agreement with WeMoove and they are our reliable and valuable Partner now who has the exclusive rights to distribute our products in the European market (France, Germany, etc.). Beside the product distribution we are very glad to have a partner who is sharing market information and demand, help us to change and develop our products for the great customer experience. We are sure our co-operation will grow and develop gradually, thanks to Christophe and his great team for that!

Our Structure and Partners Worldwide
AVEL Production Site, China (ShenZhen) – Office and Showroom, Production Site, R&D China
AVEL HQ, Russia (Moscow) – Head Office, Sales Office for Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan Russia    Kazakhstan   Armenia  Kyrgyzstan
WeMoove, France (Paris) – Partner and Exclusive Distributor in Europe since 2016 France  Germany  
Aquatelevision LLC, Ukraine (Kyiv) – Partner and Exclusive Distributor in Ukraine Ukraine
OT-DO, Belarus (Minsk) – Partner and Exclusive Distributor in Belarus Belarus