Bathroom TVs


We produce our Bathroom TVs since 2012 and sell it worldwide. Gathering feedbacks from our customers and partners we keep developing and improving our products to guarantee the best performance and quality. Our Bathroom TVs passed IP54 (dust and waterproof test) and also have CE and ROHS EU standard certification to confirm that it can be safely used in most area and comply with European standards and requirements to TVs and consumer electronics.

Our main series is Magic Mirror TVs and Waterproof White Frame Screen Finish TVs for Bathroom with the following sizes: 21.5", 23.8", 32", 43", 47" and 55".

Magic Mirror Screen Finish is a special semi-transparent mirror that provides amazing effect: it's just a plain mirror when the TV is off and a modern full functional TV when the screen is on. This is also a great benefit for design - real mirror is always great in any bathroom and no worries about "how to hide the TV" and "whether it fits my bathroom design".

We supply Bathroom TVs with back box and it's installed into opening in the wall first. After that the TV is inserted into the black box and sealed. Finally you get a very nice installation and TV front looks just like a slim glass.

One important advantage of out Bathroom TVs is that it has detachable back panel for easy service. Most of other models in the market has sealed case so there is actually no way to open it when something goes wrong. We have improved our case and developed waterproof detachable back panel that can be opened and closed by customer without having special tools or knowledge.

All series have invisible vibration speakers. They are fixed inside the TV on the inner glass (mirror) surface and generate the sound by making the glass itself shaking. We believe you will enjoy this feature a lot, new TVs are more easily to clean (no holes for speakers) and sound (middle and bass range) is quality better!