Kitchen TVs


More than 50% of the households worldwide have more than 2 TV sets and no doubt that TV in the Kitchen is common and popular now. One reason is to have entertainment for kids, the whole family (if you don't want to bring your dinner to the living room) or a party that often ends up in the Kitchen. Another important benefit is to have some company in the Kitchen when we are alone while cooking or eating. TV can help a lot to break this lonely silence and make your day or evening better. That's why we think that Kitchen TV is almost like necessity.

Kitchen televisions are just regular TVs for it's functionality and work the same as others. What it is important in the Kitchen, it is the right screen size and the right place for the TV. It's not easy often to find a good place and the right height to hinge the TV. Of course most popular way to hinge a TV is to purchase a regular consumer TV (from 13” to 27”) and to hinge it on a wall or put upon a shelve or fridge. But does it look good and is it convenient to watch with your head up? When you spend a considerable time and amount of money on your Kitchen's design, furniture and appliances why not to have the TV that will fit your kitchen and your needs?

We noticed that some of our customers ordered our TVs for Bathroom and installed it in their Kitchens. They installed it in the wall (splashback) or into kitchen cabinet facade (though there was no special mounting those days). After talking to them, discussing with Kitchen furniture factories and gathering market information we proposed 2 line-ups and 2 solutions for your perfect Kitchen TV:

Inspired by build-in appliance development we designed a special Kitchen TV type – Cabinet Door TV that can be easily integrated in a Kitchen cabinet and will fit the design perfectly. See more details in our catalog: Cabinet Door TV

Any Kitchen has a splashback and it's a good place for the TV installation. So we show our Bathroom TVs for your convenience as Kitchen Splashback TVs since they perfectly fit this application due to in-wall installation, real glass surface and waterproof design. See available sizes and colors here: Splashback TV