Mirror Televisions

Mirror TVs or Magic Mirror TVs are getting more and more popular due to its luxury design and mirror functionality. When the screen is off – you just have a regular mirror, your tv is vanished out of the mirror when it's on – it's a TV.

How does it work?
Magic Mirror effect is provided by semi-transparent mirror glass that reflects the light when the screen is off but transmits the light of the screen when it's on. For good mirror TV performance, there should be the right balance of reflective and transmitting rate. When we increase transparency of the glass we get better TV performance (better image) but worse mirror performance (worse reflection and some internal elements behind the glass can be seen), so the semi-transparent mirror is one key important aspect. Another key important aspect is the LCD/LED panel. Original brightness of the screen is reduced by semi-transparent mirror by 30-60% so the screens for Mirror TVs should have the higher brightness to compare with regular consumer monitors to compensate this reduce. Contrast and colors are also distorted by the mirror that's why it's not easy technically to find the right combination (magic mirror + LCD/LED panel) and it's also more expansive than regular TV models.

We know a lot about this “balance” and now we use different mirror type and different LCD/LED panels for each size for better real performance.

Of course it's real glass and not acrylic used for our Mirror TVs. So you can be sure it will keep perfect appearance for years.

For safety concern we only use tempered safety glass for our standard Mirror TVs.


Our Bathroom Mirror TVs are perfectly fit any bathroom's interior. You get real glass mirror with all the functions of modern TV. Why is this tv called vanishing mirror tv? We are sure you will enjoy Magic Mirror effect: the screen disappears when it's off and it looks just like a regular mirror. Our TVs can be easily installed but needs professional electrician and tiler, so it's definitely better to schedule the installation when your renovate the Bathroom. There should be a niche in the wall prepared and all the cables are to be lead inside the wall. We provide back box for easy installation and also User Manual and Installation Manual with each Mirror Bathroom TV. But after the installation is done you will see only the mirror on the wall.. amazing, isn't it?

AVEL Bathroom Mirror TVs have passed IP65 test as a proof of it's dust and waterproof grade and they can be used in wet areas like Bathroom, Pool, Jacuzzi etc.

Our current line-up of the Mirror TVs for bathroom includes 19 inch, 21.5 inch, 27 inch, 32 inch and 47 inch sizes. You can also choose Digital TV tuner (DVB-T2 (Freeview) digital tuner board for EU / Australia / Russia / AUE / Thailand / Africa etc.). And add Smart Kit to any of our TVs to make it Smart TV.

For your convenience, we equip our TVs with waterproof IR remote control (IP66 grade) by default.

We use tempered safety glass for all our standard Mirror Bathroom TVs for safety and we provide full 2 Year Warranty as a confidence in the product quality.