Open Frame TVs

TVs behind the mirror

Open Frame TVs are the solution when there is a need to hide a TV behind a big size mirror. 

You can choose yours any size big mirror and our TV with diagonals - from 23.8 to 75 inches. Our managers help you select right types of mirrors.

All our TVs have detachable frame and it's easy to install the TV with regular sealant and open it for service or maintanance if required. The connectors for the TV are hidden under a separate cover.

Open Frame TVs are equipped with vibration invisible speakers. Vibration speakers provide high quality full range sound and completely invisible.

High performance LED panel or 4K TV screen has wide angle views and assure comfortable watching from any desired position. USB Host function support video / pictures/ audio playback from any USB stick or USB HDD.

AVEL Open Frame TVs are the great solution for hotel and home interior projects when there is a big size mirror. 

​​​​​​​All televisions have full 2 Year Warranty.