Shower TVs

AVS270SM 27" White Frame TV
  • Waterproof IPx4 ranking
  • Tempered Safety Glass
  • Integrated Vibration Speakers
  • Digital Tuner DVB-T/T2/C/S2
    Analogue Tuner PAL/SECAM/NTSC

Shower TV right in your Bathroom

Waterproof Magic Mirror TV for Shower

A great day starts with a great morning! Wake up while taking a shower with music video channel or check your favorite news earlier with our Shower TV right in your Bathroom.

We recommend to consider our Mirror TV with Magic Mirror effect for installation in the shower / bathroom. You get real mirror when the TV is off and it turns back to TV screen when it's on.

We provide 2 Year Warranty for our products as a confirmation of quality and of our confidence in each product.

Waterproof IPx4

Our waterproof TVs has IPx4 (waterproof) grade confirmed by LCS Compliance Testing Laboratory. Having this certification we are confident that our products will work in showers and bathrooms safely and for a long time. Our waterproof tvs also passed CE and ROHS tests that confirm that our equipment comply with European standards and requirements to TVs and consumer electronics.

The screens are heated up by LED/LCD back light for anti-fog effect to ensure clear picture even in steamy conditions.

We supply waterproof remote control with all our TVs for easy and convenient operation.

Choose your size

We produce special application waterproof TVs for in-wall installation in the shower, suggested screen sizes are 23.8", 27", 32", 43", 47", 55", 65" and 75”.

The TV installation requires a niche in the wall and cabling to be prepared in advance so it's better to plan installation of shower TV while renovation.

Waterproof Smart TV

For all our waterproof TVs we have modern DVB-T2 (Freeview) digital tuner board for EU / Australia / Russia / AUE / Thailand / Africa etc.

Optional accessory - Smart TV kit compatible with any of our TVs can be added optionally to upgrade it to Smart TV easily.

All the TVs can be optionally equipped with a built-in screen mirroring board. The board can be connected to a home WiFi router or directly to a smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android OS. Phone’s or tablet’s screen will be mirrored on the TV screen with sound - so you can watch any Video Streaming Services, like Netflix and Youtube.

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Shower TVs Specifications Table

Series Compact Series Basic Specification
Screen Size 23.8" 27" 32" 47" 43" 55" 65" 75"
Screen Resolution 1920x1080, 1080P, Full HD 3840x2160, 4K Ultra HD
Panel Brightness 250 cd/m2 300 cd/m2 350 cd/m2 400 cd/m2 400 cd/m2 500 cd/m2 500 cd/m2 400 cd/m2
Panel Technology LED Backlit
Audio Amplifier 2 x 8W 2 x 10W
Speakers 2 x Invisible Internal Vibration (Resonance) Speakers
Ports and Connectors TV In / Aerial, HDMI (ARC, CEC), USB, CI+, IR, etc.
Screen Finish Magic Mirror Glass / White Frame (OptiWhite) / Black Frame (optional)
TV Casing Metal alloy, powder coated
Waterproof Rating IPX4 tested and approved, test report and video are available on the web-site
TV Dimensions (WxHxD) 649*463*57 mm 718*501*57 mm 823*600*60.5 mm 1161*799*64.5 mm 1069*750*64.5 mm 1327*885*72.5 mm 1567*1029*71 mm 1798*1164*71 mm
TV Net Weight 13.5 kg 14.7 kg 23 kg 38 kg 36.4 kg 50 kg 71.6 kg 96 kg