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We are glad to invite our Retail Customers for on-line shopping:

amazon.com (USA): Visit our store at Amazon.com 

amazon.ca (Canada): Visit our store at Amazon.ca 

amazon.co.uk (UK, Europe): Visit our store at Amazon.co.uk

AliExpress: Visit our store at AliExpress 

Both Amazon and AliExpress have automatic Worldwide shipping calculation tools. Wide range of on-line payment ways are accepted.

You are also welcome to write to us directly. We accept PayPal transfers for your convenience. 

For our B2B partners here is our bank details below:

Account # 817-376825-838 (USD)
Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong
Bank Address: 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Paypal Account: sales@aviselectronics.com  


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