75" AVEL Touch Mirror TV in PIAGET Outlet (Shanghai)

The customized project for a flagship PIAGET store was exhibited to showcase the company’s history and brand information in a sophisticated and modern way. The screen is connected to a compact Box PC and controlled remotely, together with an integrated camera to add interactive experience to visitors. The general overview of the device gives a fresh impression of an element of a smart home. The visitor is given a choice – the screen democratically invites to get acquainted with the PIAGET Mirror TV. The model has its stories, as well as society, which can be discovered in a set of taps on the mirror. The stories section open a sliders of fresh new screens the TV can boast of. The next section, PIAGET Savoir Faire, delves the person into the palette of color, light, gold and movement. The screen turns out to be absolutely transparent, like a glass, yet provides a rich image enabling the visitors to continue interaction. A contemporary classic design of the studio brings a feeling of complete fusion between the Mirror TV and the interior. The installation of the Mirror TV is a complex operation which takes a few specialists to build the TV into the wall so that it stands straight and the passage of light is perfect. The master has to clean the screen with a special liquid to prepare it for operation, as well as to make sure the wires connect properly.
The mirror, metal frame and hinges system was developed by AVEL especially for PIAGET project to provide easy access and keep the perfect overall design concept of the outlet. This project was completed by our long-term partner in France - WeMoove company.   Individual projects by AVEL have crossed the frontiers of the industry. They are minimalistic, yet adaptable for the design of any room. A bespoke vanishing TV, tailor-made mirror TVs, as well as Smart Mirror TV concepts are made of safe tempered glass mirrors. Flexible brightness parameters present a great choice for the customer and their multiple goals. Custom screen sizes and adaptable transmission and reflection make vanishing TVs a part of everyday life. You can find out more about our individual customized projects on our website