Mirror TV in Bathhouse

27" Mirror TV is installed in a Bathhouse of a country house. It was rather tricky to make the TV look natural in a warm-colored wall, but finally the result is positive and the TV looks like a beautiful mirror and decoration of the room filling it visually. It is shown that any person can easily access Youtube in a special app sitting in a bath. You can play some games, watch Netflix or even open an app. In the off position you can see a mirror with your own reflection. When it is on, it is a smart TV! AVEL TVs have extended built-in smart TV functions allowing to scroll between smart app services, receive translations from Youtube etc.
Mirror TV operates with no issues like reflection as long as there are no windows around. In the meantime it is possible to pull the curtains so that the mirror is seen clearly if necessaryAs for the lovers of great sound, it is possible to include and install in-wall speakers and amplifiers along with this kind of a TV. In spite of the integrated speakers with high resonance providing the sound rich and loud enough, for a less spacious room like a bath the music lovers should be aware of the chamber effect. The performance and personal impression of the client after 1 year use is absolutely positive! Have a check on the video below to realize the ideal Mirror TV model you are dreaming each day is ready to come true!.