Mirror TV in Kitchen – Look and Feel

32" Mirror TV installed in a Kitchen of the apartment has turned into the great experience revealed today. The installation was arranged for the fresh renovation, therefore it took some effort to make the TV look natural in this design. The kitchen is a perfect place to watch Netflix, play a small game, or even open an app! In the meantime, while cooking or preparing to go out, it is really necessary to use the Mirror TV in the off mode, so that the mirror is of great help and seen clearly. In the on position, the smart TV functions easily appear in a matter of a second. In the lower part of the device a playstation can be connected.
When HDMI is chosen to support the playstation working, it is even easier and faster to operate. The built-in speakers are working perfectly well for the whole kitchen. For those who need greater sound, it is still quite desirable to plan beforehand and install in-wall speakers or soundbar for this kind of room in advance. There is an amplifier for the external speakers working under the remote control which can be controlled from any place in the kitchen. You can find it useful to see the video below to learn the installation steps and process, as well as the quick review of the Mirror TV showing its state after a year of use. Stay tuned and rest assured the Mirror TV you have been dreaming of is your next step in the future today!